About me

Hi there!

I’m Oleh Mukhin and I have plunged in freelance world in 2014. Since then I have been constantly improving my skills to expand and improve the offered services quality.

I offer

My humble data shop offers variety of prepackaged services: backlinks, business contacts and general listings, web scraping services and custom data grabbing, English-Russian or English-Ukrainian translations. And at last but not least the local assistance in case you have some business or leisure time in Ukraine.

My story

Back then I had returned from 6 months backpacking travel across South East Asia and settled down in a cozy little Black sea seaside town thinking about how to make a living in the future. I had no intention to go back to my regular HVAC engineering specialization due to Ukrainian the economic crisis caused by the Russian military actions in the south-east of Ukraine. Thus I came upon offering services as a freelancer.

There were not so many freelance resources in 2014. After having registered seller account on the top 5 popular freelance resources I started thinking about what to sell. I have had years of practice with websites development so I decided to offer website building.  But it was taking to many time so I have switched to link building and data scraping.  Also, I proposed translation from English to Russian or Ukrainian.

I had been working a full-time freelance for 1 year when suddenly received an invitation from the largest Ukrainian ventilation company. I wasn’t capable to ignore it and accepted the invitation. Meanwhile I continued to make the pot boil as a freelancer. After three years of regular working I was completely disappointed in this company and quit. At the present time I offer a diverse range of services as full-time freelancer.

Check out my services and get quality results in no time.

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